• Designing Broadcast Motion Graphics

    Over the past 14 weeks, we have explored the art and design of broadcast motion graphics. As we approach the end of this course, we now need to apply all that we have learned about using After Effects and design motion graphics into one culminating experience. The final project in this class will challenge you to build a motion graphic that showcases your design skill, your technical ability in After Effects and your ability to communicate a message to your audience. Lets start working on our final project.

  • Final Project (250pts)


    Project Due: May 21

    The final project for this course will be a 30 second animation that will serves as a promotional advertisement for a motor cross event in London, called xFighters. This is a real event and is even sponsored by Red Bull. You are to create an advertisement that will be broadcasted to your local community that highlights the content of the show (motocross) and the time, date and location of the event.(you can make this up). Remember, great motion graphics communicate a mood or a feeling to their audience. Before you start animating in After Effects, flush out a design concept that you think will appeal to the target demographic (18-34 year olds). Please ensure your project includes the following required elements before you complete this assignment:

    Creative Concept

    • Establish visual theme
    • Introduce 3 motorcross riders
    • Cannot use more that 8 video clips
    • Must incorporate strong graphic design elements (you can't rely on the video, you must include design elements)
    • End your motion graphic with a "Title Card"
    • Title Card must include name or title of event
    • Title Card must establish time, date and location
    • Title Card cannot be longer than 5 seconds or shorter than 3 seconds

    Technical Specifications

    • Frame Size: 720x480 pixels
    • Duration: 00:00:030;00 (30 seconds)
    • Pixel Aspect Ratio: .91
    • Frame Rate: 29.97fps
    • Format (the codec) of Rendered Movie: H.264


    Please download and use the following video elements within your design for the final project. Good designers critically examine any supplied materials and build their design around the images, musics and sounds that their client supply them with.

    Submittal Procedures

    Once you have completed your Final project, you can turn in your project to Pat Crandley during his regularly scheduled office hours. In addition, please feel free to submit your project to D2L in the "Final Project" dropbox. Please ensure you included the following required elements in your submission:

    • After Effects Project File (.aep)
    • All assets, including externally generated elements, that you have used to create the animation
    • DO NOT submit the supplied stock video assets (I already have them)
    • Rendered Movie of your animation using the H.264 codec (make sure you include the audio in the render)
    Submit Your Assignment