• Final Project (250pts)


    Project Due: May 14

    Over the past 14 weeks, we have explored the art of game design in this class. We have created new and exciting game worlds and developed engaging player interactions. Now, the time has come to put all of your skills to work and create a working game prototype of your own.

    The final project of this class requires you to design, develop and build a working game prototype. This game must be comprised from an original game idea. Using preexisting franchises is not permitted. Feel free to use, however, established game play mechanics and system in your game prototype. Your game prototype must be playable. You are encouraged to use simple, off the shelf materials to build your prototype. No computer programming or development is allowed for this project. Take inspiration from established board games or table-top games when executing this assignment. Please ensure your project includes the following required elements before you complete this assignment:

    Design Document

        • Following the design document structure that is outlined in Chapter 14 in the book
        • Clear, concise premise of the game
        • Description of the player experience goals
        • Description of the main character (the player)
        • Description of the over-arching story
        • Clear description of objectives and win scenario
        • List of rules
        • List and description of procedures
        • Detailed list of all playable objects (you need to establish how these objects are different from each other).

    Game Board

        • 2D representation of your game
        • Must be playable
        • Must present a clear depiction of your game level
        • Does not need to represent the entire game, just one portion
        • All game pieces will be returned
        • Clean, professional appearance
        • Legible